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Stage I:
Goal Setting & Information Gathering

The initial stage is devoted to establishing the Web Site Objectives, and gathering sufficient information to fully define the project.

If the web site is large or complex, this stage could involve multiple meetings, conversations, visits, review of documents and other information – to insure that we fully understand the requirements of the project.


Stage II:
Project Proposal and Contract

A detailed Project Proposal is then prepared for the client’s review. This is where we outline:

  • Web Site Objectives
  • Technical Requirements
  • Graphics and Navigation scheme
  • How the site will be structured and organized, with a Site Diagram
  • Database and Programming requirements
  • Site Administration and Maintenance Tools
  • Any other special requirements
  • Project Timetable
  • Cost
  • Web Site Hosting

Plus any options that may be available for:

  • Dividing the project into stages
  • Alternate approaches to site design or structure
  • Database and Programming approaches

This Project Proposal is then reviewed with the client, and modified as necessary to insure the project is defined as accurately as possible.

Once the client is happy with the proposal, we then prepare a contract for signature based on the Project Proposal.

Note: for particularly large or complex projects, there may be an initial contract that covers the work needed to define the project and develop the detailed proposal.



Stage III:
Developing, Testing, and Deploying the Web Site

Now we start to develop your site. During the development stage, the client will be fully involved in reviewing pages as they are developed. For larger or complex sites, a Project Tracking site will be established to monitor progress, and to organize and display the relevant documents relating to the project.

Graphics – the starting point

Normally, the first thing we do is to develop the basic graphics and "look & feel" of the web site. You will be asked to review one or more initial "comps", and these will then be more fully developed, based on your input.

The Navigational scheme is closely related to the overall site graphics, and so will also be designed during this phase.

Once you are satisfied with the site appearance and graphics, we then move on to the next phase.

Content Development & Site Functionality

The various web pages are now designed and produced, programming is developed, and any databases needed are procured, or designed and produced. During this phase, we will be constantly asking for you to review pages and sections as they are completed.


Once the site is complete, or as various sections are completed, the site is rigorously tested to be sure everything works as intended.

  • Links are checked to be sure they are all "live"
  • Forms and email links are checked
  • Database connections are checked, and all pages that utilize or display content from databases are fully tested.
  • Scripts and programming elements are evaluated.
  • The site is viewed in different browsers, and from different computer platforms

You, the client, are also asked to check the site for content and functionality. Any problems found during the testing phase are corrected, and any content modifications are made.

Once you are happy with the site, we then move to the deployment stage.

Deployment and Launching

Deployment is where we publish the web site from our Development Server to the "Production Server" where your site will be hosted.

If your site contains databases, scripts, email services, or special programming, we need to make sure this all works on the Production Server. We also need to establish the proper security arrangements with the company hosting your web site, and set up the site access procedures so that you and we can make changes and updates to your site.


Stage IV:
Closing the Circle

Web Development is an ongoing activity – just as are your ongoing Community Building, Marketing efforts, customer service, etc.

We wish to remain partners with you, as you gain experience with your new web site, and start to consider where you go from here.

OakStand stands ready to assist you in any way: developing new sections or pages, adding more functionality, assisting your web site marketing & publicity efforts, developing fresh new graphics to enhance the site …

Let us know what you need … we are here to help.




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