Retrofitting Your Web Site


The OakStand Retrofit Service will take your existing web site -- keep what you like, add new features, build browser-based site maintenaince tools, even reorganize your content and pages to be more intuitive.

In most cases, there's no need to redesign a web site from scratch just to make some necessary improvements. Even if you want a completely new graphical look to your site, we can often do that while retaining your existing page structure and other elements.

Thus, we can help you improve your site in a very affordable manner.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

Site Maintenence

Keeping your site up-to-date is a challenging task--especially if you have to depend on a volunteer to do it.

We provide easy-to-use Content Management Systems that you access through your browser. Anyone who can use a word processer can then update your web site, add new pages, and handle other administrative tasks.

We have several Content Management Systems to choose from, depending upon the needs and complexity of your web site. These include the Open-Source DrupalWordPress, and a Custom OakStand CMS.

Interactive Features

We can add a number of interactive features to enhance your site, and build "community"Calendars, Discussion Forums, Blogs, RSS Feeds, Surveys, and Wiki's are examples.


Is your site "stale" or looking a bit dated? Does it load slowly due to large images? Need a rotating slide show to liven things up? Or does the site need a completely new "look and feel"?

Site Structure & Navigation

As sites grow, they often "outgrow" the original structure and organization, so that it gets more difficult for users to find the information they want.

Perhaps your site needs to be better organized -- new sections added, others deleted or merged.

One of OakStand's specialties is in site organization, so let us look at your current site and give you some ideas to think about.



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