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Interactivity & Communications


Email Forms

Users fill out forms for information requests, ordering products, providing feedback, sending in news items ...

These forms can be sent to different people, provide automatic responses to the sender, and other features.

Simple Email

Your site must have at least one email address for users to send comments or questions.

If you have lists of people -- Staff, Board members, etc., -- we can set up easy ways to include email addresses and keep them up to date.


Sometimes called "Listserves", E-Groups are like a common email message that goes to a list of subscribers. Excellent for on-going communications.

E-Groups are very flexible: you can allow subscribers to respond to messages or not; you can pre-clear messages; you can restrict the list or open it to anyone who subscribes; people can receive individual messages, or a daily/weekly "digest".


Provide a "Sign up Here", and an easy way to send out your newsletter or announcements to your subscribers.

Also provides tools for maintenaince of the subscriber list.

User-Contributed Content

Need a way for your site users to contribute or edit content on the site without going through your webmaster?

Users can fill out a form on the site, which sends the item directly to your site. This can be set up to require approval by the Site Manager before the item actually appears "live".

Send a Page

This is a great way to promote your site, but more importantly, a way to "extend" your pages to others.

Put an "Send this page" feature on key pages, and users can send the page by email to anyone they want.






Discussion Forums

You've seen these on AOL and other sites. If you have sufficient traffic, discussion forums are a great way to get your users involved.

Forums can be open or closed; require registration or not; moderated or not; and have other features such as email notification of new entries.


A Calendar of Events is a useful addition to most community web sites. Calendars can be set up to allow different people or organizations to add their own events, and the Administrator always has the authority to add, delete, edit, or approve event postings.

Calendars can also be used for scheduling purposes: rooms, appointments, events.


Ever wonder what people think about your web site, about your services, about almost anything?

Surveys are easy to add to your site, and they calculate the results on-the-fly.

Surveys can be simple multiple-choice questions, or as complex as you want.

Registration or Guestbook

Guestbooks, or Registers, are a way to collect information about your users, and perhaps comments or feedback.

By offering an incentive for people to sign -- such as providing entry to restricted areas of your site, getting a discount coupon, getting information -- you can encourage people to register at your site.

Recommend the Site

This is another way to promote your site by providing a "Recommend this site to a friend" link.

This sends a message to a person recommending they check out your site. The message can be pre-written or personalized.


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