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Site Maintenence & Updates

We have four different methods for editing your web pages:

Full-Page Editing, Insert Editing, Email Editing, and Database Editing

Here's what they can do:


Full-Page Editing:  Contribute™

This approach requires you to install some software on your computer, but then gives you complete control over your pages.

The software -- called "Contribute" -- works like a Word Processor so that most anyone can easily use it.

We can also "wall off" portions of your web pages that you would not want people to change (like your navigation menus).

Screen Shot of Editor
Screen shot of Drag & Drop

Key Features of Contribute

  • Users browse to the web page they want to update, edit the page just like using a word processor, and publish their updated page to the live site.
  • So easy anyone can use it. Quickly update text and images, add new pages, and publish content to any existing HTML website as easily as browsing to a web page or typing a letter.

  • Work with your favorite software. Simply cut and paste content directly from Microsoft Word or Excel into your web pages, and the content is added with their formatting intact.

  • Save time and money by having content owners update and manage web content themselves, leaving web professionals free to focus on website design, usability, and application functionality.

Insert Editing

This approach uses files that you edit through your browser which are then "inserted" into your web page. These files contain the information and content for your page, and can be formatted with Bold, Italics, Color, and other enhancements.

Here is an example:

See the complete page
Log in to Edit the Text on the page
Save the changes, and then

see how they look

Email Editing

With a simple email message, you can insert text and pictures into a "window" on your web page. This is great where you have frequent updates, such as a "What's New" or "Events" section.

Using plain text email or HTML email with your favorite email software (like Outlook Express), you have complete control over the format of your window.

The Email Editing service requires a modest yearly fee ($100-200, depending on number of "windows"), but provides the utmost in simplicity for updating your content.

Try It Out with our Demo Here

Database Editing

Databases are very useful in websites. They can hold all kinds of content for your web pages. Your web pages are then coded to display the information from the database.

We will show you some very simple tools that you can use to add, edit, and delete items from your database.

Here are some Examples:




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