Bringing it All Together

Our focus is on building and enhancing the sense of community, and providing various services to your community, through well-designed web sites.

Your web site is an important "window" to the world for your organization, and can be instrumental in reaching and supporting your community.

We will design your web site so that you can maintain and update it without the need for web experts. We will fill in the gaps as needed, and work with you to establish the best way to maintain and enhance your site.


About the Company

OakStand is located in Portland, Oregon. We operate as a virtual company, bringing together not only our own talents, but those of other people who specialize in various aspects of web development.


OakStand Principle Associate

Todd Coward
Todd Coward

Todd has been involved in community-building for many years, and brings this perspective now to web development.
Using the Internet to encourage interaction within a community is a key interest.

Todd lives and works in Portland, Oregon and Shelton, Washington.




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