If you need a new domain, we can help you select a domain (assuming it is available), and arrange for it to be registered in your name.  We typically use Network Solutions and GoDaddy as the companies that will purchase, register, and host your domains.

We will then “point” your domain settings for your website and email accounts to our “Domain Server” partner, which in turn points your settings to our website and email server.

If you want to use a different server for your email (let’s say, you already use Zoho or hotmail or another company for  your email), we can easily point your email settings to that company.


We  host all of our websites on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) located at  Accuweb is a well-respected website hosting company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and with servers located in a number of international locations in addition to Denver (where our server is located).

They maintain our server 24/7, manage routine server updates, run weekly backups, and provide technical support to us.  We’ve been using their services for 10+ years, and have yet to experience any security breaches or technical difficulties.

WORKING WITH OUR CLIENTS:  Developing or Upgrading your website

At the start, we develop a working relationship with you, and develop a written proposal for your project.  The proposal will indicate our development and hosting costs, and an understanding of what the project entails.   This is a “back-and-forth” conversation until we reach a final agreement.

We then will typically ask for a partial down-payment for the project, with final payment after completion, to your satisfaction.  This is a “trusting” relationship, and subject to changes as we get into the project work with on-going conversations with you.  We don’t regard an initial “contract” as set in stone, but a good place to start — and with the opportunity for changes if needed.


We encourage, but do not require, you to host your website with us.  If you do, we offer more guarantees for technical support and up-time expectations.  But if you choose to use another hosting company, our arrangement with you will cover only the website design and functionality – but not up-time or other server-related guarantees (backups, for example).

Our hosting services, beyond simply insuring your website is up and running without problems, include one hour of tech support per month.  This covers almost all minor upgrades, adding content, fixing functionality issues, and the like.  We are flexible on this “monthly” agreement, since most months do not require any support, but another might take more than an hour of time.


We can set up as many email accounts that you may need, and in addition provide “email-forwarding” (such as “treasurer” to an individual email account).  We offer both a web-based email platform (accessible via your browser), or the settings you will need to set up the email account on your own email-platform (Outlook, Apple Mail, Comcast, Yahoo — whatever you use).